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coloring picture flower

now you too can get creative and color in as you please.
I have created a beautiful, magical flower motif for you and I am really curious to see how you convert it into color.

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Here are a few more reasons why coloring is so good for you:

1. Coloring and the brain
We activate 2 parts of the brain that we normally use separately from each other: logic and creativity. When we choose the color for our coloring pages, the logical part in the brain is active and when we start combining and connecting colors, our creative part of the brain kicks in.

3. Coloring is meditation
Mediation is very difficult to learn for some people because imagining just doing nothing can also be frightening - especially for the active whirlwinds among us. Coloring, on the other hand, is an active activity and is not viewed by many as mediation, although it has been proven that the same brain frequencies can be generated as in a 20 minute meditation.

4. Put away the panic
Panic, fears and worries determine the lives of many women (men too, but women suffer from them much more often). Coloring is a way of moving the focus from negative and scary thoughts to beautiful objects and bright colors. It is very difficult to paint a blank sheet of paper in a stressed state, but a given picture that only needs to be colored can have healing properties.

7. Process stress better
Coloring is a wonderful activity for the head, because our thoughts start to wander through the "monotonous" activity of coloring, but vice versa, our thoughts always return to the moment of painting when we have to decide on a new color. This helps to deal with difficult situations and to find solutions to problems in our everyday life.

8. Mindfulness training
Coloring helps us to switch off from stressful thoughts and to concentrate only on the moment. A study from 2005 carried out the investigation into painting mandalas *.

9. Self-regulation
There are many moments in which our nervous system has more the upper hand over us than we do over our nervous system - be it for a job interview, giving a lecture or having unpleasant conversations. With the help of coloring, we can regulate our nervous system ourselves in a completely natural way - and with it the associated bodily symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, rapid breathing or racing blood pressure.

10. Sustainable mental training
Coloring is not only a relaxation tool for the moment, but also a sustainable training for our brain activity. Our brain frequency is therefore permanently changed even after coloring. Leslie Marshall, Clinical Consultant says:
"Coloring, opens the frontal lobe of the brain - the home of organizing and problem solving - and focuses the mind."

so have fun !